A Conversation About Sandinistas and Contras, Thirty Years Later

  A camera and tourist stuff used to spy in Nicaragua during the Cold War A few days ago I was visiting the Military Museum in Naples FL. It’s a typical veterans museum, the same type found in many cities across the country, with display cases full of uniforms, medals, perhaps some period weapons, and model … More A Conversation About Sandinistas and Contras, Thirty Years Later

The Military Museum

  The Military Museum is located inside the terminal at the Naples Airport. It is a small museum, but has some interesting stuff. Here are some photos from a visit. The museum is inside an ordinary storefront Inside the museum A bell from the USS Maddox, one of the two destroyers involved in the Gulf … More The Military Museum


Most of us can’t live without our TV or DVD. I don’t have a TV set or DVD player in the van, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to watch TV shows or movies. I just use my laptop instead of a TV set. This actually isn’t much of a change for me, since … More Entertainment

Clam Pass Park

  Clam Pass Park, in Naples FL, stretches from the Florida mainland across the intercoastal waterway to the offshore barrier islands and beaches. A boardwalk allows visitors to walk through mangrove forest and dunes to the beach. Here are some photos from an afternoon at Clam Pass. Clam Pass Park Little Blue Heron watches me … More Clam Pass Park


The simplest and most direct way to deal with dirty laundry, of course, is a simple trip to the laundromat. With a handful of quarters, I can do an entire load of laundry while working on my laptop, listening to MP3s, or whatever. For nearly all “dirty laundry”, though, the problem is not that the … More Laundry