Ft Worth Aviation Museum

This museum, formerly known as Veterans Memorial Air Park, specializes in Cold War era aircraft. Some photos from a visit. ​The museum ​6-cylinder Wright D1 engine. Designed for airships, only three engines were built in 1922-23. ​Defensive gun turret for B-36 Peacemaker nuclear bomber. In the end, the plane only carried a tail turret. ​The … More Ft Worth Aviation Museum

Log Cabin Village

This is an open-air museum featuring a number of 19th century cabins and frontier houses that have been moved and reassembled here for display. There are also re-enactors and living history exhibits. I always like museums like this because they demonstrate how plain ole ordinary people lived back then. Some photos from a visit. ​The … More Log Cabin Village

Gateway Park

This is a large park located not far from my Walmart, with baseball fields, soccer fields, a disc golf course, a dog playground (called “Fort Woof”), and lots of bike paths and walking trails. Nice place to have a picnic lunch and look for birdies. Some photos from an afternoon at the park. ​Inside the … More Gateway Park

Some Fort Worth Critters

Some Fort Worth critters encountered in the wild over the past week. ​Green Anole. (He’s brown because it was a bit chilly out.) ​Great Egret ​Spiny Lizard keeps an eye on me ​Another Spiny Lizard nearby ​A raft of turtles—Cooters and Sliders ​A small skink. Coal Skink, I think. ​Fluffed-up Squirrel in a tree ​Woodpecker. … More Some Fort Worth Critters

Fort Worth Zoo

This is a very nice zoo, very big, and with lots of species I had not seen before. I had a great time here.  🙂 Some photos. ​Inside the zoo ​Turaco ​Mandrill. He wasn’t tired: yawning is a threat display. ​Bonobo and his lunch ​A pair of Nile Lechwe ​Lesser Flamingo ​Black Rhino ​Turtle with … More Fort Worth Zoo

Hippie Life Skills 101: Backstrap Loom

The backstrap loom is probably one of the oldest machines invented by humans. Although various versions have been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years, they are usually identified with the Maya and Inca Native Americans. In South and Central America, women still use backstrap looms today to make their brightly patterned blankets, … More Hippie Life Skills 101: Backstrap Loom