Botanical Gardens

Ah, what a nice relaxing place. The Botanical Garden is next to the Zoo but is not part of it. Since it is run as a city park, it is free. Although it’s not really the best time of year to be visiting a botanical garden, the landscaping was lovely and I had a great … More Botanical Gardens

Birmingham Zoo

The Birmingham Zoo isn’t all that big, but is very nice with a good collection. They are currently expanding and reworking some areas, so alas there were a few displays that were closed off. But I had a good time here. Some photos. ​The zoo ​Very nice landscaping ​It was pretty warm out, so the … More Birmingham Zoo

Kentucky’s “Creation Museum”

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a long history with creation “scientists”. Creationism is a fundamentalist Christian political movement that asserts both the literal historical and scientific truth of the Bible and also asserts that the USA should be a “Christian nation” ruled by strict Bible-based law (as they interpret it). Quite simply, … More Kentucky’s “Creation Museum”

Woodland Mound Park

This another very nice park in Cincinnati OH, with walking trails, a nature center, playground and disc golf course. Some photos from a day at the park. ​The Nature Center ​One of the trails ​A view of the nearby Ohio River ​Velvet Mite ​Goldfinch ​Turkey Vulture ​Cardinal at one of the fountains ​Spider on her … More Woodland Mound Park