A Walk at Wormsloe

The Wormsloe Historical Site, in Savannah GA, is the place where Noble Jones , one of the first settlers in Georgia, established his farmstead. Today his house, built in 1736, lies in collapsed ruins. But the big draw for me was the five miles of nature trails that surround the homestead. So here are some … More A Walk at Wormsloe

Fort Pulaski

After the War of 1812, the US decided to construct a large number of defensive forts to protect harbors along the east coast. One of these was Fort Pulaski, just outside Savannah GA. Begun in 1829, it was planned as a three-story masonry structure, but the swampy soil proved to be too soft to support … More Fort Pulaski

Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson, located just outside Savannah GA, is the site of a brick and earth fortress from the period before the War of 1812. Listed on the National Register of Historical Places, it is run by a local nonprofit preservation society. During the Revolutionary War, the colonial militia placed a cannon battery here, protected by … More Fort Jackson

Webb Military Museum

The Webb Military Museum, in Savannah GA, just opened a few months ago. It has a collection of uniforms, medals, and some military paraphernalia. Here are some photos from a visit. Inside the museum Civil War items Spanish-American War Sergeant’s “sack coat” World War One Pilot’s uniform, US 2nd Aero Squadron British trench helmet German … More Webb Military Museum

Forsyth Park

Some photos from a walk in Forsyth Park. Forsyth Park The fountain Squirrels are cute. That is all. The laughing Gulls are all in their summer plumage. Starling foraging in the grass Mockingbird perched on a lamp Civil War Memorial. They lost, ya know. The Fragrance Garden A rose by any other name…. Spanish-American War … More Forsyth Park

Colonial Park Cemetery

Some photos from a walk at the Colonial Park Historic Cemetery in Savannah GA. The cemetery The crypt where Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene was originally buried in 1786. He was later disinterred and reburied in nearby Johnson Square. Gen Greene’s tomb at Johnson Square Button Gwinnett, one of the signers of the Declaration of … More Colonial Park Cemetery