Zoo World

This is a small zoo, but it has a pretty nice collection. (I think it is privately-owned rather than city-owned.) It also has a lot of animal interactions available (so I ended up spending more for the day than I had planned). Who DOESN’T want to pet a Sloth?   🙂 Some photos from an afternoon at … More Zoo World

Pier Park

Pier Park in Panama City FL is essentially a giant outdoors strip mall that is located right on the beach. It’s got high-end clothing stores and such, and also touristy things like t-shirts and sunglasses. For me, it’s a nice place to walk around, get lunch, and steal some wifi. Some photos from an afternoon … More Pier Park


Sealab was a Navy-sponsored research program that opened up undersea exploration. In the 1940s, French Navy officer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau invented the first practical system for a diver to move freely and breathe underwater. Called the “Aqua-Lung”, it became more widely known as Scuba (“self-contained underwater breathing apparatus”). By the 1950s, Scuba had become widespread, … More Sealab