The Henry Gun Factory

The Henry Gun Factory, near Nazareth PA, manufactured flintlock and percussion-cap rifles for sporting, trade, and the local militias, from before the War of 1812 to after the Civil War. Here are some photos from a visit to the Pennsylvania Long Rifle Museum, on the grounds of the Henry Gun Factory. Inside the museum The process … More The Henry Gun Factory

Liberty Bell Shrine, Allentown PA

In 1777, the British forces captured Philadelphia, forcing the evacuation of the Continental Congress. To prevent the British from also capturing the Liberty Bell (and probably melting it down into bronze cannons), the colonials loaded it onto a wagon driven by militiaman John Jacob Mickley and took it to Allentown PA. Just before reaching their destination, … More Liberty Bell Shrine, Allentown PA

State Capitol Museum

The State Capitol Building in Raleigh NC contains a small museum with some historical rooms and artifacts. Here are some photos from a visit. The state capitol The Civil War memorial. They lost, ya know. George Washington statue in the rotunda The rotunda dome The historic Senate chamber The House Chamber The state library The … More State Capitol Museum

North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

The Museum of Natural Science is in Raleigh NC. It is very large and very nice, with two buildings of displays. Here are some photos from a visit. A collection of whale skeletons Herpetological specimens   Carnivorous plants Snapping Turtle Acrocanthrosaurus Giant Ground Sloth Giant Cave Cockroaches A nymph molting into an adult Timber Rattlesnake … More North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

The Duke University Lemur Center

The Duke University Lemur Center, located near campus, keeps colonies of several different species of Madagascar Lemurs as study subjects. Lemurs are primitive primates, found only in Madagascar, all of which are All of the research is non-invasive, and centers around social interactions, physiological activities such as scent-marking, diet, and sensory acuity. There is also a captive-breeding … More The Duke University Lemur Center