Previous Travels: South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Although it looks like there’s now light at the end of the covid tunnel, it’s still gonna be a few months before it’ll be possible to take up road-traveling again. So in the meantime, I’m gonna post some photos taken during previous travels, overseas and in the US, that I did before I began vandwelling. … More Previous Travels: South Africa’s Kruger National Park


Probably the most easily-recognized plants in Florida, the Palmettos form dense understories and near-impenetrable thickets. Although it is a member of the very common and widespread palm group, the Saw Palmetto, Serenoa repens, is the sole member of its genus. It is found only in Florida and the southernmost parts of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, … More Palmettos

Update on my Pets

Way back when the zombie apocalypse began (it now seems like decades ago) I was living in a camper van and traveling around the country. When I was forced to go to ground and hole up in a mobile home in Florida, I wanted to get some pets. I’m an animal lover, but no pooties … More Update on my Pets