Strangler Figs

Yes, that plain ole ordinary Ficus that you probably have out on the patio is a cold-blooded (well, cold-sapped, anyway) killer …. In the tropical rainforest, the most precious resource is “light”, and the plants who do best at reaching above all the others through the canopy to get into the light, are the ones … More Strangler Figs

IMAG Science Museum

This is a very nice little science museum in Ft Myers. There were a gazillion schoolkids running around when I was there, but by noon they had cleared out and I had the place mostly to myself. The museum has displays on dinosaurs, Florida Ice Age mammals, space exploration, Florida history, and live animals. Some … More IMAG Science Museum

Big Cypress Preserve

In the early 1970s, there were ambitious plans to build a big airport in the middle of the Big Cypress Wetlands—next to the Everglades national park and one of the various Seminole Reservations  in Florida. Public reaction was swift, a massive environmentalist effort was launched to oppose it, and in the end, the environmentalists won. … More Big Cypress Preserve