Sea World Orlando

Years ago, when I lived in Tampa Bay, I visited Sea World Orlando many times, and also had a yearly pass to Busch Gardens in Tampa (they were both owned by Annheuser-Busch). Back then, Annheuser-Busch considered the parks to be promotional expenses, and they were not intended or expected to turn a profit. Mostly, they were … More Sea World Orlando

Disney World EPCOT

My last day at Disney World…. Of all the Disney parks, EPCOT has always been my favorite. It’s the most science-oriented and the most educational (though it’s certainly no Smithsonian). My favorite part has always been the World Showcase, which is sort of like an old-fashioned World’s Fair: for those who have never been here, … More Disney World EPCOT

Eola Park Birdies

Since my birthday was this past weekend (I turned 19 for the 38th time) I decided to have a nice relaxing day. So I spent the day at Lake Eola Park in Orlando FL, which is a nice place to walk around and always has lots of birdies and turtles hanging around. Took a baggie … More Eola Park Birdies