A Shameless Plug :)

Just a reminder that my book, “The Electronic Nomad: Traveling the Country in a Converted Camper Van”, is available at Amazon, as both an ebook and as a print paperback (275 pages): So buy a copy today.  I need the gas money, ya know.  😉 And please consider going to Amazon and giving it some … More A Shameless Plug 🙂

Camp Milton

After the Federals had withdrawn to Jacksonville FL, after the Battle of Olustee, the Confederates constructed a three-mile series of fortifications and breastworks near Olustee to defend against a possible second attack. It became known as Camp Milton. Over time the Camp was reduced in size until the Federals overran it in June 1864 as … More Camp Milton

Kingsley Plantation

In my travels I’ve visited a number of antebellum plantations across the South (including President Andrew Jackson’s plantation, The Hermitage). But the Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville, part of the Timucuan Historical Preserve, is one of the most interesting—because it was run by a former slave. The original house was built here on Fort George Island … More Kingsley Plantation