Edgar Allen Poe House

For a former English major like me, this is holy ground. Edgar Allen Poe lived in this house for a few years. It’s now a museum. His gravesite is also just a few blocks away. He was found wandering the streets delerious, wearing someone else’s clothing. He was never coherent enough to tell anyone what … More Edgar Allen Poe House

Baltimore Harbor’s Historic Ships

There are four historic ships docked in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. ┬áThe “Constellation” is a US Navy war sloop built in 1854 which participated in the Civil War. The lightship “Chesapeake” was launched in 1930 and served as a floating lighthouse for Baltimore Harbor. The WW2 submarine “Torsk” was the last American ship to sink an … More Baltimore Harbor’s Historic Ships

Maryland Zoo

Years ago, the Baltimore City Zoo joined with the state government. It was renamed the Maryland Zoo, its funding was increased, and the whole zoo was remodeled. Now, it is a very nice zoo, with large open enclosures, wonderful natural landscaping, and a nice collection of species. Some photos from a visit: A pair of … More Maryland Zoo

Maryland Science Center

Photos from an afternoon at the Science Museum. Dinosaurs Tornado machine Blue Crab The mechanics of bicycles Learning about optics with a homemade pinhole camera The prop space plane from “2001: A Space Odyssey” Fun with liquid nitrogen

Some Maryland Critters

Since it’s a rainy crappy day in Baltimore today, here is a diary of some local wildlife I’ve seen in Maryland. Turkey Vulture Starling Black Swallowtail Butterfly Gulls, not sure what species. There was also a Tern hanging around but I didn’t get a photo of him. Canada Geese Double-Crested Cormorant Red-Eared Slider Duck preening … More Some Maryland Critters

Fort McHenry

The War of 1812 has been mostly forgotten in the US (we don’t like to celebrate wars that we didn’t win) and most Americans know it only because of two songs–the National Anthem and “The Battle of New Orleans”. But OK, everyone knows the story of Francis Scott Key — prisoner aboard a British ship, … More Fort McHenry