South Carolina Military Museum

This museum is run by the SC National Guard, and covers “South Carolina military history from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror”. They are in the process of expanding it to cover “Army aviation”. Some photos from a visit. The museum. That is a Light Amphibious Resupply Cargo Vehicle parked in front. M106A1 … More South Carolina Military Museum

Riverbanks Zoo

It’s been cloudy and chilly in SC for the past four or five days now (my solar panel was not happy at all with it). So today when the sun came out and it warmed up to the 70s, I headed for the Riverbanks Zoo. This is a very nice city zoo with an aquarium … More Riverbanks Zoo

Camden SC Battlefield

With the British surrender at Saratoga and the retreat from Philadelphia in 1779, nearly all of the northern colonies were firmly in the hands of the rebels. The British, meanwhile, were being drawn into combat with the French in the Caribbean over control of the rich sugar colonies, and the political agitation in London against … More Camden SC Battlefield

Well, I *Tried* to Get to the CDC Museum….

I tried yesterday to get to the Centers for Disease Control Museum in Atlanta, but alas I couldn’t get in. Since it’s a Federal facility they have a security gate and check everyone’s ID when you go on.  Well, Pennsylvania being Pennsylvania, they were not “Real-ID compliant” back when I got my PA drivers license, … More Well, I *Tried* to Get to the CDC Museum….