The Soldiers and Sailors Museum

Built as a monument to Civil War veterans, the Soldiers and Sailors Museum wasn’t intended as a museum. But after the Civil War, people began donating objects and artifacts ┬áto the monument, and this collection has now grown over the centuries. Today, artifacts are displayed from American conflicts from 1861 to today. Here are some … More The Soldiers and Sailors Museum

The Phipps Conservatory

Built in the 1890’s as a gift to the city of Pittsburgh by steel magnate Henry W Phipps, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden houses a collection of plants from around the world, in 19 Victorian greenhouses. Here are some photos from a visit.   The Phipps Conservatory. The atrium. Inside one of the greenhouses. … More The Phipps Conservatory

The Pittsburgh Zoo

Some photos from a visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo: The Pittsburgh Zoo “Cocoa”, an Eastern Screech Owl, is one of the animals used for educational shows. Goats in the Petting Zoo. A pair of Taiwan Cave Snakes Gila Monster snacking on a mouse. Barn Owl. Yellowfoot Tortoises making little tortoises. A Gorilla having lunch. Blue … More The Pittsburgh Zoo

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of the premiere science museums in the world. Here are some photos from a visit. Life-size statue of “Dippy” the Diplodocus outside the museum entrance. Prep lab where fossils are cleaned and mounted for display Fossilized trackway left by a Eurypterid, an ancient giant sea scorpion. Diorama … More The Carnegie Museum of Natural History

The Bird Lady

Just a couple days after arriving in Pittsburgh I was walking along the riverfront downtown, on my way to the Carnegie Science Center when I noticed something odd–a blue and white parakeet hopping along the sidewalk. And there, kneeling near it, was a middle-aged woman with her finger out, apparently trying to coax it onto … More The Bird Lady

Pittsburgh Aviary

The Pittsburgh National Aviary has bird species from all over the world, many of them in free-flight enclosures. Here are some photos from an afternoon at the Aviary. The National Aviary in Pittsburgh A free-flight enclosure One of the veterinarians gives a talk about her patient, a Boatbill with an eye cataract Feeding birds during … More Pittsburgh Aviary