Kings Mountain Battlefield

The Battle at King’s Mountain is notable for two reasons: it was the turning point for the rebellion in the southern colonies, and it was fought entirely by Americans against Americans—there was only one British soldier on the entire battlefield. So far in 1780, the British strategy of attacking the southern colonies was working out … More Kings Mountain Battlefield

Sully’s Airplane

As long as there are birds and airplanes flying around in the same atmosphere, there will be bird strikes. Each year, worldwide, over 10,000 aircraft collide in flight with birds, ranging from the smallest chickadees to the largest geese and swans. (As an odd aside, birds are not the only animals that collide with airplanes: … More Sully’s Airplane

Pets in the Van

“Can I bring my dog or cat along in the van?” is one of the most common questions asked by newbies on the various vandweller forums, often appearing two or three times in a single day. It can be enormously controversial, and the discussion sometimes gets intense and emotional. So it is worth looking at … More Pets in the Van

Cooking in the Van

[NOTE: I’ve blogged all these “how-to” posts before, but am gonna re-run them on occasion, since folks may have missed them, and many of them have been updated or expanded since they were first posted.] So, how do I cook while living in the van? Often, I don’t. Walmart parking lots are usually surrounded by … More Cooking in the Van

Charleston Museum

Founded in 1773, the Charleston Museum is the oldest museum in the US and bills itself as “America’s First Museum”. Originally begun as a collection of “curios”, it now has exhibit halls featuring the prehistoric and historic events of the city. Some photos from an afternoon in the museum. Skull of ancient whale Albertocetus Pelagornis, … More Charleston Museum