Hurricane Ian

I was still in Nebraska when I heard that the hurricane was gonna hit Florida. (I’m in New Orleans now–my diaries are running a few days behind where I actually am–so I am safe. But my mobile home/winter base camp seemed to be right in the line of fire. Last I heard, some parts of … More Hurricane Ian

OPPD Arboretum

This is a nice little park right in Omaha. OPPD is the local electric company, and the arboretum is located right next to one of their power substations. It’s a nice place for a walk and a picnic lunch. Some photos.

Henry Doorly Zoo

This is a very very nice zoo. The enclosures are large and spacious, and they had a varied collection of wildlife, including some snakies from Australia that I have not seen in a very long while. I had a great time here.   🙂 Some photos.

Fort Atkinson

Constructed in 1819 on a spot picked by the Lewis and Clarke Expedition, Fort Atkinson, just outside of Omaha, Nebraska, was the first US Army fort west of the Mississippi River, in the new Louisiana Purchase territory. One of the missions which had been assigned to Lewis and Clark by President Thomas Jefferson was to … More Fort Atkinson

Strategic Air Command Aerospace Museum

Throughout the Cold War, Strategic Air Command was America’s nuclear spear. From 1950 to 1990, SAC, led by the slightly-nutty General Curtis LeMay, heroically held off the dastardly Commies and protected our precious bodily fluids with an immense destructive power that no sane defense policy should ever require. (Yes, I re-watched “Dr Strangelove” before my … More Strategic Air Command Aerospace Museum