Presque Isle State Park

“Presque Isle” is French for “almost an island”, and this state park is on a long narrow peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie. There are several miles of hiking and bike trails. It’s a great place to have a picnic lunch and look for wildlife. I had a good time here.  🙂 Some photos: … More Presque Isle State Park

Erie Zoo

Yes, indeed, another zoo.  🙂 Erie isn’t a big town, so the zoo here is kinda small. But it is very nicely landscaped and has a nice collection of animals. Alas, the weather here has not been very cooperative–it’s been in the low 70s all week (which is downright COLD for a Florida boy like … More Erie Zoo

Maritime Museum

The Erie Maritime Museum commemorates the naval Battle of Lake Erie that was fought in the War of 1812. An American fleet under Oliver Hazard perry defeated a stronger British fleet. Both Perry’s battle flag (“Don’t give up the ship” and his message announcing the victory (“We have met the enemy, and they are ours”) … More Maritime Museum

Lake Erie Waterfront

Technically, Erie is on the shore of Presque Isle Bay, which is an arm of Lake Erie. Some photos from a walk along the lakeshore. The marina Fishing boat Sport fishermen with their catch The “Victorian Princess” takes tourists out onto the lake A show featuring water-powered “jet boards” The pier and Bicentennial Tower The … More Lake Erie Waterfront

Swan Creek Park

Located right in the city, Swan Creek Park is run as a wildlife preserve, and contains several miles of hiking paths. Some photos from an afternoon walk. Inside the park I don’t know what birdie this is, but there were a lot of them flitting around OK, not sure what’s going on here…. I think … More Swan Creek Park

Fort Meigs

Fort Meigs was built by General (and future President) William Henry Harrison during the War of 1812, when his attempt to capture Detroit and invade Canada failed.  The Fort withstood two attempts by the British to capture it. On the day I visited, there was a gathering of re-enactors there, representing periods from the War … More Fort Meigs