Disney Springs

One of the pledges I made to myself when I got to Orlando was that I would go the entire month without spending any money in any of the big theme parks. But if you just can’t go that long without a dose of Disney, there is a way to get your mouse ears without … More Disney Springs

My Bathroom

Whenever people find out that I live fulltime in my camper van, their first question is always either “where do you take a shower?” or “where do you poop and pee?” Yes, my van does have a bathroom, though it is a mini-version of one, and is based on functionality, not on aesthetics. Many of … More My Bathroom

B-52 Memorial Park

Before the Mouse moved to Florida, Orlando International Airport was McCoy Air Force Base, home of the 306th Bombardment Group of the Strategic Air Command, which flew B-52D’s over Vietnam and also practiced for nuclear war. Today, a lone B-52 stands in a corner of the airport as a memorial. B-52D number 687, manufactured in … More B-52 Memorial Park

Gatorland, Orlando FL

Gatorland is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Orlando. In addition to captive-breeding American Alligators for their meat and hides, they do live animal shows for the tourists. Here are some photos from a visit to Gatorland. The gator-mouth entrance-way. The original was destroyed in a fire in 2006. Gators And more gators. The … More Gatorland, Orlando FL

Skeletons Museum, Orlando FL

The Skeletons Museum has a display of several hundred—you guessed it—skeletons. Everything from whale skulls to complete field mice. They also had a nice exhibit demonstrating human evolution with casts of hominin fossils. Here are some photos from a visit: The Skeleton Museum. That’s an African Elephant skull out front. “Lucy”, Australopithecus afarensis Bonobo, our … More Skeletons Museum, Orlando FL