Maximo Park

Maximo Park is one of several parks in St Pete that preserve and protect Tocobaga Native American archaeological sites. The Florida Natives, like most pre-contact cultures, had no written language and left no history of their own. Most of what we know about them comes from Spanish accounts. But there have also been archaeological discoveries … More Maximo Park

Some New Pets

As I was out walking in one of the parks this morning I happened to drop by the restroom and saw lots of millipedes hanging around on the walls outside. It rained last night so the soil is sogged, and apparently they wanted to get to someplace drier. These were Ivory Millipedes, Chicobolus spinigerus–they are … More Some New Pets

Madeira Beach

Being outdoors, the beaches are pretty corona-safe as long as you wear a mask and don’t crowd together. Sadly, during spring break that advice was not followed, and the Florida beaches were a major source of covid infections. They were closed for a while, but have now reopened. Some photos from a walk on Madeira … More Madeira Beach

My New Pets

Way back in my younger days, I made my living doing live reptile shows for school classes and Scout troops, so I had a constant supply of snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, salamanders, tarantulas, scorpions, cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes, and some assorted other critters. In all, I’ve kept well over 100 different species. As a result, I’ve been … More My New Pets