Virginia State Capitol

Some photos from a walk around the State Capitol Building in Richmond VA. ​The Capitol ​Bell tower built in 1825 ​View of downtown Richmond ​The Governor’s Mansion ​Civil Rights Monument ​Memorials to famous Virginians….  George Washington ​Stonewall Jackson ​Edgar Allen Poe ​The Old City Hall

Cold Harbor Battlefield

In the spring of 1864, the Confederates had taken a considerable pounding during the fighting at the Wilderness and Spotsylvania, and were now, General Grant thought, on the verge of collapse. “Lee’s army,” he confidently told President Lincoln, “is really whipped.” The battle at Cold Harbor would prove him wrong. After Spotsylvania, Grant’s army resumed … More Cold Harbor Battlefield

The Crater

By the time Atlanta surrendered to the Federals, the armies of General Ulysses S Grant and Robert E Lee had been locked in a bloody stalemate at Petersburg for over a month. Grant knew that it was just a matter of time before the Confederate army, worn out from lack of supplies and reinforcements, would … More The Crater

Petersburg Battlefield

The heavy loss at Cold Harbor had tarnished Grant’s reputation, reduced Union morale, and given a much-needed boost of hope to the Confederates, but in the end its military effect was minimal. The Federals, with their far larger army and virtually unlimited ability to supply and reinforce them, simply pulled away from Lee’s army and … More Petersburg Battlefield