SeaLife Aquarium

I visited this aquarium four years ago after it had just opened. All the fishies were bitty little youngsters back then—now they are four years older.  😉 Some photos. ​The aquarium ​Inside the aquarium ​Picasso Fish ​High Hat ​Wolf Eel ​I think this is a Grunt ​I could not find a sign IDing this colorful … More SeaLife Aquarium

Skeleton Museum

visited this museum a few years ago while in Orlando, and also visited its sister museum in Oklahoma City. Spent the whole afternoon just examining bones. Some photos. ​The museum ​Inside the museum ​Alligator osteoderms ​Primates ​Lowland Gorilla ​Marsupials ​Big cats ​Seals and Sea lions ​Reptiles ​Hornbill ​Rhino skulls—the horns are made of hair not … More Skeleton Museum

Jack Kerouac House

In 1944, three aspiring writers, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac, met on the campus of Columbia University in New York City. At that time, Greenwich Village was the “hip” place to be—with its low rents and proximity to the University, it was a haven for artists, writers, and political bohemians. Kerouac was … More Jack Kerouac House

Leu Gardens

What a lovely place. The Leu Gardens have a variety of plants and trees ranging from native Florida species to prehistoric cycads to flowering plants from around the world. So join me for a nice relaxing walk in the garden. ​Leu Gardens ​Bottle-Brush Tree ​Klinki-Pine, from New Guinea ​Spatterdock ​Anhinga on the lake ​A cycad … More Leu Gardens