Boca Chica Beach

This is a non-touristy beach out on the Gulf. It was overcast, a bit chilly and really windy when I visited. Not very good beach weather, but there were a few other folks there too. Some photos. ​Boca Chica Beach ​The road to get here ends rather abruptly ​But you can drive up and down … More Boca Chica Beach

Palo Alto Battlefield

When the fighting broke out in the Mexican-American War in May 1846, US General Zachary Taylor and most of his troops moved south towards the Mexican border. To stop him, Mexican General Mariano Arista placed his own much-larger body of troops across the main road to Matamoros, intending to goad the Americans into attacking him … More Palo Alto Battlefield

SpaceX Site

SpaceX is constructing their launch facility in southern Texas so it is closer to the equator, which makes it easier to reach orbit. There are no tours or anything of the facility, but the tracking station is right alongside the road, so anyone can stop and snap some photos. The Space Hopper was being readied … More SpaceX Site

Sabal Palm Sanctuary

This is a wildlife preserve right on the banks of the Rio Grande, just outside Brownsville TX. It has one of the state’s largest intact areas of sabal palm habitat. Some photos from an afternoon walk. ​The Visitors Center is located inside an old plantation house ​Sabal Palms. These are a different species from the … More Sabal Palm Sanctuary

A Day in Mexico

When I made plans to stay in Brownsville, I wanted to do a day trip over to Matamoros, in Mexico. But all the travel websites said “don’t go there”, and even the State Department has warnings that it ain’t safe for gringos. But when I asked about it at the border control station, they told me … More A Day in Mexico

Well ………

I was hoping to visit the Mexican War battlefields at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma and the Civil War battlefield at Palmito Ranch, but alas they are all still closed because of the shutdown. I don’t know if they will reopen before I leave at the end of the month or not. I … More Well ………

Historical Association Museums

There are several historical buildings scattered around Brownsville TX. They are all jointly owned and managed by the Brownsville Historical Association and run as museums. Some photos from a visit. ​The Brownsville Historical Association Museum is in the old railroad depot. ​Inside the museum ​Beer bottles from the Mexican War ​Locomotive Number One ​A pistol … More Historical Association Museums