Wyoming Valley Revolutionary War Memorial

In the aftermath of the British defeats at Oriskany, Bennington and Saratoga, the Iroquois Confederation of Native Americans, most of whom had actively allied themselves with the English in hopes of stopping colonial intrusions into their territory and perhaps winning back some of their lost lands, concluded that there was little point in joining the … More Wyoming Valley Revolutionary War Memorial

Army Heritage Center

The Army Heritage Center is part of the US Army War College in Carlisle PA. There is a museum with military artifacts, and an outdoors display of military vehicles and fortifications from various time periods. Some photos. ​The museum building ​French light tank used by US Army in WW1 ​Some US military rifles ​Cannon redoubt, … More Army Heritage Center

Pennsylvania State Museum

Nearly every state capitol has its state history museum. Some are nicer than others. Pennsylvania’s museum in Harrisburg is pretty big and has a nice range of stuff. Some photos from a visit. ​The State Capitol Building is right next door ​The museum ​The atrium ​William Penn’s original royal charter ​A telescope belonging to Joseph … More Pennsylvania State Museum

Civil War Museum

I just can’t get away from the Civil War, can I ……… OK, at least this one is in the North. Harrisburg PA is not far from Gettysburg, and was presumably one of Robert E Lee’s targets in invading Pennsylvania. So it’s no surprise that there is a Civil War Museum here—and it’s very nice. … More Civil War Museum