Freedom Lake Park

This is a rather small park not far from my house. It’s located right in town, between an industrial park and Highway 19. The lake has a couple of birdies hanging around (as does virtually every pond in Florida), but its primary focus is the Veterans Memorial, featuring an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet and … More Freedom Lake Park


While walking in Philippe Park, in Safety Harbor FL, I happened to catch the resident Great Horned Owl family—Mom, Dad and Junior. (It’s actually not hard to find the Owls in the park—just look for all the birdwatchers gathered round.) A few photos. Some owl shots:

Wow, I Have a Flower!

I confess–have the brownest of brown thumbs. Putting a houseplant in my possession is basically a long slow death sentence, and the poor little plant usually withers away over time. (It’s a benign neglect, since I always start out with the best of intentions, but inevitably I forget all about the little green dude unless … More Wow, I Have a Flower!

Woo Hoo! A Snakey!

Now that spring has sprung in Florida, I have been looking around for Racer Snakes, who I usually see fairly often. But this week while walking around in Sawgrass Lake Wildlife Preserve, in St Pete, I happened to see this young Water Snake (youngsters look a lot alike, but I think this is a Banded … More Woo Hoo! A Snakey!