Van Repairs….

As I was pulling out of the parking lot yesterday to go visit a museum, I noticed my brakes squealing. Since my van is a GMC and Chevies are famous for having squeaky brakes, it had always whined a bit, but now it was noticeably louder. I had just gotten my Pennsylvania vehicle inspection two … More Van Repairs….

Virginia Zoo

A nice afternoon at the zoo. Virginia Zoo, at Norfolk, is located on the edge of town, so it has more space than many other zoos. That means nice landscaping, and larger enclosures for the animals. The Reptile House had just opened—it’s so new that some of the exhibits aren’t even occupied yet. Some photos. … More Virginia Zoo

Greetings From Norfolk VA

You can tell this is a Navy town–there are ships all along the shoreline, and uniforms everywhere you look. If the military left Norfolk, the whole city would rise three feet in elevation. I’m here till around the end of September, then making my way over to Tennessee.  

A Shameless Plug

Just a reminder that my book, “The Electronic Nomad: Traveling the Country in a Converted Camper Van, Or, Living the Hippie Life in a Shopping Center Parking Lot”, is available at Amazon (both printed book and Kindle ebook), and also as an ebook at the Apple iBook store. So everyone buy a copy–I need the gas … More A Shameless Plug

Freedom Park

Freedom Park, in Williamsburg VA, gets it name because of a few wooden cabins inside the park. In 1803, farmer William Lee died. In his will, he granted freedom to his three slaves and also set aside a sum of money to be used to construct cabins for them at Green Spring. They were eventually … More Freedom Park

Redoubt Park

By April 1862, General George McClellan finally decided that his Army of the Potomac was once again ready for combat, and laid out a plan to advance towards Richmond, hoping to end the war. The Federal strategy was pretty simple: the Union still held Fort Monroe in Virginia, at the tip of the James Peninsula … More Redoubt Park