Marsh Rabbits

The Rabbits (Lagomorphs) are a familiar group of mammals that are found in most of the world. The Marsh Rabbit (Sylvilagus palustris) is a smaller version of the well-known Eastern Cottontail. There are about 29 species of Rabbits found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia (though European rabbits have become established in the Australian … More Marsh Rabbits

Life in the Van: Condensation and Cold Weather

[NOTE: I’ve blogged all these “how-to” posts before, but am gonna re-run them on occasion, since folks may have missed them, and many of them have been updated or expanded since they were first posted.] There is one weather condition about which a van-dweller can do very little: when it is hot outside for a … More Life in the Van: Condensation and Cold Weather

Dinosaur World

This outdoor park has dozens of lifesize dinosaurs in a naturalistic setting. It’s aimed squarely at kids (what little kid doesn’t love dinosaurs?) but it’s great for adults too.  I visited this place last year and did a diary here. That diary covered the dinos pretty well, so this time I’ll focus on some sciency stuff. … More Dinosaur World

A Walk at the Zoo

Took a walk at the Zoo Tampa recently, and found to my surprise that a number of critters who are usually asleep were up and about. So I was able to photo some birdies and beasties who are usually just a huddled lump of fur or feathers.   🙂 And there were also some local critters … More A Walk at the Zoo