Riverquarium, Albany GA

Greetings from Georgia. I’m here for just a couple days to see a nearby Civil War site, then up to Atlanta for a few weeks. While staying in Albany (the biggest town of any size here) I spent an afternoon at the Riverquarium, which is very nice. Some photos. Inside the aquarium–a school group on … More Riverquarium, Albany GA

A Day With a Friend

Yesterday a friend of mine from Tampa came over to Orlando to visit (it’s about an hour away) and since we have the same interests we spent the day at Gatorland and the Orlando Science Center. Some photos: Gatorland Gator feeding Gator wrestling NFL Films was there shooting a segment with somebody famous who, not … More A Day With a Friend

Sea World Orlando

Years ago, when I lived in Tampa Bay, I visited Sea World Orlando many times, and also had a yearly pass to Busch Gardens in Tampa (they were both owned by Annheuser-Busch). Back then, Annheuser-Busch considered the parks to be promotional expenses, and they were not intended or expected to turn a profit. Mostly, they were … More Sea World Orlando

Disney World EPCOT

My last day at Disney World…. Of all the Disney parks, EPCOT has always been my favorite. It’s the most science-oriented and the most educational (though it’s certainly no Smithsonian). My favorite part has always been the World Showcase, which is sort of like an old-fashioned World’s Fair: for those who have never been here, … More Disney World EPCOT

Eola Park Birdies

Since my birthday was this past weekend (I turned 19 for the 38th time) I decided to have a nice relaxing day. So I spent the day at Lake Eola Park in Orlando FL, which is a nice place to walk around and always has lots of birdies and turtles hanging around. Took a baggie … More Eola Park Birdies