The Shrum Indian Burial Mound

In Columbus OH is Campbell Park, which houses the Shrum Indian Burial Mound. The mound is from the Adena culture of Native Americans, who regularly buried their high-status dead in artificial earthen mounds located along rivers. There used to be a number of these mounds in Columjbus along the Scioto River, but a series of … More The Shrum Indian Burial Mound

The B-52 Pilot

A few years ago, I met “Major Kong” on an online blog, where we discussed politics, history and aviation. Turns out that Major knew quite a bit about all these, since he had served as a B-52 bomber pilot during the Cold War. So when I arrived at his hometown of Columbus OH, we arranged … More The B-52 Pilot

Selecting a Van

If you are going to be living and traveling in a camper van, then selecting the right vehicle for you is probably the single most important decision you’ll make. And that decision will be based on cost and practicality. The possible choice of vehicles ranges from the absurdly expensive commercial camper van, with all the … More Selecting a Van

The Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is perhaps most famous as being the home of TV animal guy Jack Hanna. The Zoo is consistently rated as the second-best zoo in the US, behind only the San Diego Zoo (one year, the Columbus Zoo actually came out on top, which led to TV commercials showing joyous zookeepers throwing away … More The Columbus Zoo