Greetings from Missouri

Or, as some like to call it, “Misery”.  😉 I’m in Kansas City. Why “Kansas City” is in Missouri…well….I’m sure there’s probably a story behind that (and it probably has something to do with the civil war). Anyway, when I was a kid I was a Kansas City Chiefs fan even though I lived in … More Greetings from Missouri

Combat Air Museum

OK, I never get tired of looking at old airplanes. And this one had a few that I had not seen before. The museum. That’s an Honest John tactical nuclear missile out front. Outside is an EC-121 Warning Star. This was an early version of an AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) which uses radars … More Combat Air Museum

Topeka Zoo

Yeh, I like zoos.  🙂  This is a small zoo in a small city with a small budget, but still very nice. Some photos: The Zoo for such a small zoo, it had really nice landscaping Orangutan Some Giraffe porn. This poor guy tried and tried and tried, but she wanted nothing to do with … More Topeka Zoo