History of the St Pete Pier

The Pier has been a staple attraction in St Petersburg FL for almost 125 years.  Well, actually, “a” Pier—there have been several different versions over time. The city of St Petersburg FL owes its very existence to a pier. The first St Pete Pier was built in 1889 by Russian émigré Peter Demens, who owned the … More History of the St Pete Pier

Color Variations in St Pete’s Anole Lizards

Back in the 50s, at least two species of Brown Anole, from Cuba and the Bahamas, arrived in Florida, likely as stowaways on cargo ships, and began spreading.  More arrived later from the pet trade, and there are now perhaps as many as eight different introduced species here. Crowding out the native Carolina Green Anole, … More Color Variations in St Pete’s Anole Lizards

Some Florida Plants

Some of the plants, native and non-native, I have seen recently during my daily walks in Florida. I’m mostly plant-illiterate, so I tried to pick species I could identify. Sorry if I boo-boo’d on any of them—please correct me if needed.  🙂

Back in St Pete

My mobile home park looks to have come through okay. A few trees down, but nobody’s home seems damaged. It looks like all the real damage in St Pete came from flooding (the storm surge unfortunately hit at high tide–the worst possible time) rather than from wind damage. So although there is extensive and severe … More Back in St Pete