Riverfront Park

This is a nice little park located along the Alabama River, which flows through Montgomery. Great place for a picnic lunch. In summer there are tourist paddleboats out on the river. Some photos.

Montgomery Zoo

Yeh, I like zoos, and try to visit any in whatever area I pass through. This one doesn’t have the budget of big-city zoos like San Diego or Columbus, but they do very well with that they have, and although they have a lot of wire mesh enclosures (which are hell for photographers) they also … More Montgomery Zoo

Montgomery AL

Some photos from Montgomery AL. The city has two very powerful museums: the Legacy Museum and the Rosa Parks Museum. Alas, both are “no photos”.   😦 So here are some other photos from a day spent walking around in Montgomery.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a way for folks to get their mouse ears without paying the silly high entrance to Disney World or standing in the stupidly long lines.  🙂 It consists mostly of high-end shops, restaurants and gift shops. But it’s a nice place to just walk around for an afternoon, and it’s free (if … More Disney Springs

Lake Eola Park

This has always been one of my favorite places to walk around, and I visit it every time I am in Orlando. On weekdays there are always lots of birdies to see here, and on weekends there are vendors and street performers. Some photos.