Fort Morgan

By 1864, the Federal “Anaconda” blockade of Southern ports was already effectively strangling the Confederacy of supplies. Only one major port remained relatively open—Mobile AL. Although the Union Navy had a blockading force just outside the harbor entrance, the port itself was defended by three cannon positions—Fort Morgan, Fort Gaines and Fort Powell—which prevented the … More Fort Morgan

Downtown Biloxi

Photos from a walk in downtown Biloxi. This electric sign was put up in 1915 to advertise the city to passing trains War Memorial, consisting of the mast and some deck guns from the WW2 light cruiser USS Biloxi Catholic Church with unusual architecture Sea Oats on the beach Fishing boat returning to port A … More Downtown Biloxi

Biloxi Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum

Doesn’t sound very interesting, does it…. But I liked this museum. It explores the history of the fishing and shrimping industry on the Gulf Coast, mostly through displays of various types of fishing craft and some processing machinery. Some photos: The museum Turtle Exclusion device: allows sea turtles to get out of fishing nets when … More Biloxi Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum