Quiet Waters Park

I was here last weekend for the Ren Faire, but came back today just to walk around the park. Some photos.   ​The park ​There are several lakes here, with a walking path around each. ​Water Park for the kids—only open in summer ​A water-skiing place. There are no boats: they use a system of … More Quiet Waters Park

Tradewinds Park

While visiting the Butterfly World in Boca Raton, I had a picnic lunch in Tradewinds Park and met some critters. Some photos.   ​Tradewinds is a nice park: walking paths, playground, dog park, and disc golf course ​This Cormorant caught a fish that I thought was impossibly big to swallow … ​… but he managed to … More Tradewinds Park

Butterfly World

I had a great time here: I think if I lived in Boca I’d be here every week. One of the largest butterfly enclosures in the US, and also birdies and a lovely landscaped garden. Some photos. ​Butterfly World ​Caterpillars ​Inside with the butterflies ​Most of the sky flowers here aren’t native to Florida and … More Butterfly World