Planning Ahead …

Well, the weather here got a bit crappy–rainy and then cold–and all the stuff I want to see here in St Pete/Tampa is “outside” stuff. So I’m waiting till next week when it gets warm again. After that, I’ll be heading to Pensacola. I had planned on a week or so there, but alas the … More Planning Ahead …

Weedon Island Preserve

Weedon Island Preserve is a 3100-acre county park located in St Petersburg, Florida. It is a wildlife refuge encompassing a series of islands in Tampa Bay, consisting mostly of mangrove swamp and slash pine/cabbage palmetto scrub. There are about five miles of walking trail and another four miles of kayak paths. A 45-foot Observation Tower … More Weedon Island Preserve

Florida Aquarium

I met up today with my friend Mike for a day at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Fishies, and more fishies. Also birdies.   🙂 Some photos. ​ The Aquarium ​Sunfish ​Roseate Spoonbill preens ​Red Drum ​Oystercatcher ​Yellow-Crowned Night Heron ​Butterfly Fish ​Ringed Lemur takes a snooze ​Slipper Lobster ​Trunkfish ​Lovely anemones ​Blue Crab ​Reef tank ​Burrowing … More Florida Aquarium

Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Florida, dating back almost 120 years. It began as a small lake, about 15 feet deep, that had been formed when rainwater collected in an old sinkhole that was about ten feet below sea level. In 1903, St Pete plumber George Turner bought the four-acre … More Sunken Gardens