The Wedding

Congrats to my niece LeighAnne and her new hubby Zach (I guess that makes him … what … my nephew-in-law?) . A quick photo of something that only a very few people have ever seen–me in a tie. I’m more a t-shirt and sandals kinda guy.  😉   Note that the tie is .. well … More The Wedding

Nazareth PA

Spent an afternoon walking around Nazareth PA, where I grew up. Re-living my childhood.   😉 Nazareth is a whitebread little town (pop around 6,000) in the Lehigh Valley, an hour north of Philadelphia. Some photos. ​The center Circle in Nazareth. It was the old colonial town commons.  ​Some of the old stone buildings in town … More Nazareth PA

Vanlife: What’s My Hashtag-Vanlife REALLY Like?

[NOTE: I’ve blogged all these “how-to” posts before, but am gonna re-run them on occasion, since folks may have missed them, and many of them have been updated or expanded since they were first posted.] If the only thing you see about “vanlife” is on InstaGram or YouTube, you’d be forgiven for thinking that every … More Vanlife: What’s My Hashtag-Vanlife REALLY Like?