Time to Move On Again

And so my time in Texas is coming to an end. I had intended to head up to Oklahoma City from here, but looking at their weather, it’s still too cold up there for my Florida blood. So I’m gonna head over to Louisiana for a month instead, and then up to Oklahoma from there.

Dallas Heritage Village

I like museums like this: the Heritage Village is a collection of old historic buildings from the area that have been dismantled, moved here to the site of the old city park, and reassembled as a display. Some photos from an afternoon at the Village. Heritage Village “Shotgun House”, 1906. These small wood-frame houses, usually … More Dallas Heritage Village

Dallas Museum of Art

Wow, two art museums within a few weeks. I must be getting more cultured than i realized.  😉 The museum Inside the museum Picasso Matisse Gauguin Monet Rodin Pollack Japanese Meiji vase Ceremonial statue from Vanuatu Island Four-sided mask from gabon Wooden Egyptian coffin. The mummy’s name was Horankh. Buddhist statue from Tibet Hindu god … More Dallas Museum of Art

Cavanaugh Air Museum

The Cavanaugh Air Museum, at the Addison Airport just north of Dallas TX, is not very big, but has a nice collection ranging from WW1 replicas to Cold War veterans. So here are some photos from a visit. The museum The Link trainer, used to teach instrument flying Christen Eagle II. A homebuilt kit aerobatic … More Cavanaugh Air Museum

Dallas Zoo

Had a good time in the Dallas Zoo. I particularly liked the reptile exhibits, which had some species that I had not seen before, and which are only rarely seen in US zoos. Some photos from a day at the zoo. Spectacled Langur Chinese Alligator Black Tree Monitor Blind Cave Salamander Giant Anteater Harpy Eagle … More Dallas Zoo