Some Birds and Bugs

Bugs, birds and buds seen recently in Florida. ​Black Racer Snake. One of the few snakes you can see out during the day. ​Lubber Grasshopper nymph. They’re toxic, so the stripes are a warning. ​And an adult ​Five Lined Skink. The red head means it’s a male. ​Fuzzy Caterpillar ​Two Armadillos hunt for lunch. They … More Some Birds and Bugs

A Few Critters

Some critters seen recently in St Pete FL ​Limpkin catches a snail for lunch ​Resurrection Fern ​White Ibis ​Lovely multicolored dragonfly ​This Anole wanted to pick a fight with me ​Pileated Woodpecker ​Banded Water Snake ​Love Bug. Must be an ugly Love Bug, since all the others are already hooked up. ​Mud Dauber nest  

A Walk Along the Waterfront

Some photos from an afternoon along the St Pete FL waterfront. Lots of critters out today. ​Snell Island. Winter homes for the glitterati. ​Mangrove seedling ​Brown Pelican ​Double-Crested Cormorant ​Red Eared Slider. An invasive non-native freshwater turtle that has adapted to living in saltwater bays ​Anhinga ​Needlefish ​Horseshoe Crab ​Great Blue Heron ​Black Bellied Plover. … More A Walk Along the Waterfront

Weedon Island Preserve

Weedon Island Preserve is an archaeological site in St Pete FL that is now a county park and wildlife refuge. Some photos from a visit. ​Boardwalk and observation tower ​Yellow-Crown Night Heron ​Vivid orange shelf fungus ​Mangrove seedlings ​Mangrove crabs ​Needlefish ​Tri Color Heron ​Fiddler Crab