Chocolate Kingdom

This is a micro-chocolate factory in Kissimmee, just a few blocks from where I am staying. They have hourly tours and free chocolate samples. How could I pass that up?  🙂 Some photos. Chocolate Kingdom OK, who doesn’t like chocolate…? Our tour guide Rachel explains the history of chocolate. (She was very entertaining, and I … More Chocolate Kingdom

Greetings From Kissimmee

I’m staying at a Cracker Barrel near Celebration, the town that Disney owns. This whole area is the most insanely commercialized place in the world–in every direction there is an unbroken stretch of hotels, gift shops, and restaurants. Every block has a kiosk offering “cheap Disney tickets!!!”–the catch is that they also wanna sell you … More Greetings From Kissimmee

Woo Hoo! A Snake!

OK, everyone who knows me knows that I love snakes. I used to make my living doing live reptile shows for school classrooms, and I’ve kept well over 100 different species of reptile over the years, including venomous. So I’m always happy to see a snake in the wild. But this time of year they’re … More Woo Hoo! A Snake!

Invasive Species in Miami

Florida is the land of invasive non-native species—we have everything from kudzu plants to Burmese Pythons. Worldwide, invasive species are the second-leading cause of extinctions, behind only “habitat loss”. Here are some of the non-native species that I have encountered and photographed during my stay in Miami. Green Iguana. Native to Central and South America Tilapia. … More Invasive Species in Miami

Miami Zoo

The Miami Zoo is consistently ranked as one of the top zoos in the country, and for good reason. The zoo is very large, which allows the enclosures for all the outdoors species to be spacious and naturalistic. And the tropical climate allows a number of species to be exhibited here that other zoos can’t … More Miami Zoo

Nike Missile Base

A relic of Cold War history right here in the Everglades. In the 1950’s as the Cold War was beginning, the primary threat to the US was Soviet bombers delivering nuclear weapons by flying over the North Pole to America. To protect themselves, the Americans deployed several hundred Nike-Hercules anti-aircraft missiles at bases across the … More Nike Missile Base