Greetings From Miami

It’s mid-70s here today. But later this week is supposed to dip to highs in the mid 60s and lows in the upper 40s. Geez, I thought I just **left** this party….  😦 But at least it’s only for a few days, then it’s supposed to get warm again. I’ll be here for January, then … More Greetings From Miami

Jacksonville Beach

Some photos from a walk along the beach at Jacksonville FL Palm trees and sand Dunes Surf’s up: it was a very windy day Para-surfer Florida’s version of a “snowman” This little girl braved the cold rough waters–but only for a short time Scallop shell. Like most Florida beaches, the reef is pretty far offshore, … More Jacksonville Beach

Thoughts on Seeing the New “Star Wars” (SPOILERS)

OK, as you know if you’ve seen the movie (and as you should have guessed if you didn’t, from the title alone) Luke Skywalker dies–or, more correctly, he pulls a Ben Kenobi and vanishes, leaving behind his clothing. The Net is all atwitter at the philosophical meaning of this etc etc etc. But what struck … More Thoughts on Seeing the New “Star Wars” (SPOILERS)

Cummer Art Museum

OK, everyone who knows me knows that I am an uncultured barbarian, and “art museums” have virtually no appeal for me. But recently I tried to visit the Museum of Southern History in Jacksonville FL only to find that it had been damaged by Hurricane Irma and was closed for renovations. So, instead, I went to … More Cummer Art Museum


Although the Arboretum in Jacksonville is free to the public, it’s not a city park–it’s owned and managed by a nonprofit local conservation group. There are several miles of hiking trails. I had a good time here: if I lived in Jacksonville I’d be here at least once every week.  😉  Some photos: The Aboretum … More Arboretum

Jacksonville Zoo

Now that the weather is nice again in J-ville, it’s time for a nice relaxing day at the zoo…. This pathway allows the Tigers to move from one enclosure to the other Inca Tern Oystercatcher taking a bath–he was having a grand ole time Giant Anteater American Turkey Coyote snoozes Whooping Crane preens Green Mamba. … More Jacksonville Zoo