Testing Out the New Camera

For the past three years or so, I’ve been shooting all my photos with a Canon Powershot SX60 camera. She’s done me good, and I suppose I’ve taken at least 200,000 or so photos with her. But alas, she has begun acting squirrely lately—the zoom lens makes a grinding sound when it moves, and the … More Testing Out the New Camera


Is there anything cuter than a young Raccoon? No, I think there is not. I found this little fellow in the Central Park Preserve in Largo FL. Some folks nearby were feeding crackers to the birds, and he decided he wanted some of that action too. Some photos.

A Gecko Visits

Since I’m in Tampa Bay I am accustomed to a wide variety of wildlife, much of which is non-native. One of these is the Mediterranean Gecko, a non-native from Europe which crowded out our native gecko, and is itself now being crowded out by other non-natives. I noticed a few months ago during the winter … More A Gecko Visits