My Sink

Someone in another forum asked to see some photos of my sink setup, so I’m posting them here. My sink went through several versions over the years. When I first started out, I made a sink bowl by cutting a hole into the bottom of a stainless steel mixing bowl and adding a plain ole … More My Sink

Lakeside State Park

This state park is located on Lake Michigan along Milwaukee’s waterfront. There’s a paved walking/biking trail, and most of the park has been replanted with native grasses and wildflowers. It’s a great place for an afternoon walk. Some photos from a visit.

Harley-Davidson Museum

I’m not a gearhead, and I’ve never driven a motorcycle in my life, but I like “history”, and since 1903 Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been an icon of “American culture”, for better or worse. The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee celebrates that history. Some photos from a visit.

Milwaukee Public Museum

This is a very very nice museum in downtown Milwaukee. Three floors of exhibits that include fossils, taxidermied wildlife, geology, and displays of Native American, South American, African, and Asian native cultures. I spent the whole afternoon here—I could easily have spent an entire day. Some photos. (Okay, there’s a LOT of photos. Lots of … More Milwaukee Public Museum