Wow, the Weather Has Been Crappy

We’ve had more or less every-day rain for a few weeks now. I thought it would finally clear up once the remnants of the hurricane went by, but the past few days instead have been hellacious. We had three inches of rain yesterday, and are expecting two inches more today. Low-lying areas are still flooded. … More Wow, the Weather Has Been Crappy

More Critters

Another collection of critters seen during my daily walks in St Pete. ​Gopher Tortoise takes advantage of some sun for a snooze ​Limpkin and Tri-Color Heron foraging ​Tilapia ​Black Racer ​Nanday Parakeets at their nesting hole ​Its been raining a lot here, so lots of mushrooms ​Brier Mimosa—I love the colors on this ​A duck … More More Critters

Eagle Lake Park

Another one of the very nice parks in Pinellas County. There are walking/biking pathways, several lakes, picnic pavilions, and a playground. This is the first time I’ve been here, so everything was new for me. Some photos. ​One of the lakes ​Walking path ​Boardwalk around the lake ​Spatterdock seedpods ​Galls. The holes show that whoever was … More Eagle Lake Park

Nature Walk at the Florida Botanical Garden

OK, technically the Nature Walk isn’t in the Botanical Garden—it’s part of the agricultural center next door. But a walk through the Garden followed by a few laps around the Nature Trail is a great way to spend the afternoon. Some photos. ​The Natural Area covers around 90 acres ​Juvenile Five Lined Skink ​Softshell Turtle … More Nature Walk at the Florida Botanical Garden

St Pete Waterfront

Photos from an afternoon walk along the Tampa Bay waterfront in St Pete FL. ​A kayaker out in the Bay ​And a paddleboarder ​A school of Sergeant-Major fish ​Youngling Red Mangrove ​Double-Crested Cormorant ​Algae-encrusted whelk ​Th beach was mostly empty ​Scrubbing the boat ​A plane takes off from Albert Whitted Airport ​I love it when … More St Pete Waterfront

St Pete Pier

For several years, the Pier in St Pete FL was a local political issue. Originally built in the 20’s and replaced several times since, the latest version was built in the 70s and was by 2010 showing its age. The Mayor wanted to tear it down and replace it completely, but a successful citizen referendum … More St Pete Pier

Another Batch of Florida Critters

Some of the critters I have encountered lately during my daily walks in St Pete. ​Banded Water Snake—I think this is an individual with an amelanistic mutation ​“Hi there, human.”  Eastern Lubber Grasshopper. ​Tri-Color Heron ​A big gator paddling across the lake ​Air Potato Beetle making swiss cheese of this invasive Air Potato plant ​Remains … More Another Batch of Florida Critters

Fort DeSoto State Park

Fort DeSoto State Park contains the ruins of Ft DeSoto as well as picnic areas, a boat ramp, a bird sanctuary, fishing piers, and several miles of bike/walking paths. Some photos from a visit. ​Walking trail ​The beach ​Double-Crested Cormorant ​Black Skimmer ​Snowy Egret ​Osprey ​Beach Sunflower ​Strangler Fig on a palm tree ​Spines on … More Fort DeSoto State Park

Fort DeSoto

During the Spanish-American War, the US Navy began construction of a gun fort on Mullet Key, one of the islands in the mouth of Tampa Bay, to protect the entrance to the harbor. Today it is one of the most intact surviving coastal forts of the period. In February 1849, after the Mexican-American War, the … More Fort DeSoto