Manatee Lagoon

This is a spot where the local Florida Power and Light company ejects the warm waste water from its plant, attracting Manatees that come here for the winter. There’s also a small aquarium. It hasn’t been very cold for a wild, so I was afraid there would be no Manatees here, but a few dropped … More Manatee Lagoon

Dreher Park Again

Well, I went back to the Zoo today to sign up for the “Animal Adventure” thingie where the keepers take you behind the scenes to visit one of the animals (like the Rhinoceros Encounter thingie I did back in Orlando). Alas, they only take a limited number of people per day, and all of them were … More Dreher Park Again

Iguanas in Florida

Iguanas are an invasive species that first became established about 20 years ago during the “reptile pet” craze. Today the problem has only gotten worse: the Iguanas are expanding their range, and the State of Florida is now finally encouraging people to eliminate the lizards. I used to do Iguana rescue for unwanted pets, so … More Iguanas in Florida

The Flagler Museum

Until the time of the Spanish-American War, Florida was a forgotten sparsely-inhabited backwater, consisting mostly of unwanted swampland that was infested with malaria and yellow fever. In an age where most land travel was by foot or by horse buggy, getting to Florida was difficult, and few people had any reason to try. It wasn’t … More The Flagler Museum

The Kennedy Bunker

During the Cold War, the Pentagon built a secret nuclear fallout shelter near Palm Beach FL for President John F Kennedy. In 1933, Joseph Kennedy, the head of the prominent Boston Kennedy clan who would soon serve as US Ambassador to England for FDR, purchased a seaside estate at the resort of Palm Beach, Florida. … More The Kennedy Bunker

Peanut Island Park

Peanut Island is a tiny speck of sand (just 80 acres) formed by a dredging operation in the Intercostal. It is most well-known for the once-secret nuclear fallout shelter constructed there for President John F Kennedy (and that will be a separate diary). Today it is a county park, with walking paths. Accessible only by … More Peanut Island Park