Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden park in San Antonio TX used to be an abandoned limestone quarry from a local cement company (the smokestack is still here). Back in 1919, it was converted into a city park with a Japanese theme (using convict labor). Here are some photos from an afternoon in the park. It is … More Japanese Tea Garden

Sea World

I’ve had mixed feelings about Sea World for a while now. In Florida, I visited Sea World Orlando many times, and also had a yearly pass to Busch Gardens (they were both owned by Annheuser-Busch). Back then, Annheuser-Busch considered the parks to be promotional expenses, and they were not intended or expected to turn a … More Sea World

The Buckhorn Museum

The Buckhorn Museum, just a few blocks away from the Alamo in San Antonio TX, is quintessentially “Texan”. Guns, hunting, cowboys, lawmen, outlaws,more guns….about the only thing it doesn’t have is an oil well. According to legend, the “museum” began when the Buckhorn Saloon, way back in frontier days, started accepting deer antlers and cow … More The Buckhorn Museum

Brrrr Again……

Alas, it is once again polar cold here in Texas—supposed to get below freezing for the next couple nights. The good news is that at least the sun is out, so I’ll finally be able to start charging up my “house” battery again, though that will likely take a couple days. Ya know, I came … More Brrrr Again……

The Witte Museum

The Witte Museum is in San Antonio TX, right next to Brackenridge Park. Much of it is oriented towards little kids (there were a couple of school groups there during my visit), but there is also a nice collection of artifacts from Texas history. Here are some photos from an afternoon at the museum. The … More The Witte Museum