Some birdies, bugs, and buds seen recently. ​Black Racer snake ​Black Vulture picking at some lunch ​Youngling Water Snake ​Snowy Egret ​Green Anole. Our native lizard, being replaced by the invasive Brwon Anole. ​Limpkin with a snail ​Pied-Bill Grebe ​Red-Eared Slider ​Dragonfly in flight ​Juvie Little Blue Hron getting his adult feathers ​Assassin Bug ​White … More Critters

Some Florida Critters

Various critters encountered during walks in St Pete FL. ​Ivory Millipede ​I think this is a species of Assassin Bug ​Snowy Egret ​River Otter ​Red Bellied Woodpecker ​Screech Owl ​Coal Skink ​Crow with what looks like a bird egg ​Anhinga ​Nephila Orb Spider—the big one is the female and the little one is the male … More Some Florida Critters

A Walk Along the Waterfront

Some photos from a walk along the St Pete FL waterfront. ​Coffeepot Bayou ​Cormorant at a boat dock ​Jellyfish washed up on shore ​Great Blue Heron ​Osprey takes a bath ​Anhinga dries her wings ​Brown Pelican ​A molted exoskeleton–or remains of somebody’s lunch ​Another photographer ​This rhino statue is a local landmark