Vanlife: Laundry

[NOTE: I’ve blogged all these “how-to” posts before, but am gonna re-run them on occasion, since folks may have missed them, and many of them have been updated or expanded since they were first posted.] The easiest and most direct way to deal with dirty laundry, of course, is a simple trip to the laundromat. … More Vanlife: Laundry

History Museum

I always like the local history museums in every city I visit: they always have cool stuff that the bigger museums don’t have. Some photos from the Augusta GA history museum. ​A few blocks away is the James Brown statue. “I feel good, da-da da-da da-da dant…” ​Also not far away is the Civil War … More History Museum

Living History Village

OK, technically Living History Park is in North Augusta, which is, technically, across the Savannah River in South Carolina.  🙂  In the summer there are re-enactors here depicting 19th century life in a rural village. But even without the “living history”, it’s a nice place to walk around. Some photos from an afternoon visit. ​The … More Living History Village

My “Fish Pedicure”

This has to rank as one of the strangest things I’ve ever done ….. The Red Garra is a nondescript little minnow from the Middle East that has become a fad in the cosmetic industry—and produced something of a controversy. The Cypriniformes are a family of fish that includes carp, minnows, and the ordinary goldfish. Several … More My “Fish Pedicure”