Some Snakies

Everyone who knows me, knows that I like snakes. I’ve kept dozens of different species, and every time I see a snake in the wild I stop whatever I am doing to look at it. Here are some of the snakes I have photo’d during my travels around the country.

St Pete’s Open-Air Post Office

The open-air US Post Office in downtown St Petersburg FL is the earliest of its kind in the US. St Petersburg FL was founded in 1888 when a Russian immigrant named Peter Demens built a railroad pier at Tampa Bay that allowed ships to unload without entering all the way into the Port of Tampa. … More St Pete’s Open-Air Post Office


Dragonflies are like flying little jewels. These are some of the dragonflies I have photographed around the country during the past seven years of traveling. I can’t identify them, but some of them appear to be the same species. They range from Florida to Arizona to Michigan.

Some Florida Ferns

As a group, the ferns were some of the earliest plants to leave the ancient sea and invade the land. Fossil ferns have been found dating back to 390 million years ago, and DNA sequencing indicates that they may have first appeared over 430 million years ago. During the Carboniferous period 300 million years ago … More Some Florida Ferns