New Mexico Museum of Natural History

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History has a nice collection of dinosaurs and other exhibits. Here are some photos from a visit. Dino statues out front “Stan”, a T rex Diatryma, a “terror bird” Pseudopalatus, a phytosaur Seismosaurus, one of the biggest dinosaur species, threatened by a carnivorous Saurophaganax Stegosaurus California Saber-Tooth Cat Ancient … More New Mexico Museum of Natural History

Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona actually consists of two parks side by side. At one end is the Petrified Forest, and at the other end is the Painted Desert. Here are some photos from a day at the parks. The Visitors Center A mural depicting the area as it was at the time … More Petrified Forest

Meteor Crater

There are not many intact meteor impact craters on Earth’s surface—erosion usually wipes them away pretty quickly. I had previously visited an impact crater at Tswaing in South Africa. Yesterday I got to visit Meteor Crater, near Winslow AZ. It is about the same size as Tswaing but is much younger and therefore much better preserved. … More Meteor Crater

The Phoenix Zoo

This is a pretty big zoo, and it had a number of species that I have not seen before. Some photos from a day at the zoo: The zoo has very nice landscaping Saw-Scaled Viper Alligator Lizard. I had one of these as a pet when i was a kid. Texas Horned Lizard–often incorrectly called … More The Phoenix Zoo

Arizona Science Center

Most cities have science centers like this. They are usually aimed at kids, and contain lots of kinetic displays that illustrate basic science. But they usually have some stuff for the adults too. The museum Inside the museum Early motorcycle–a steam-powered velocipede made in 1883 Phoenix’s first city water pipes, made from wood planks bound … More Arizona Science Center