Disney Springs

One of the pledges I made to myself when I got to Orlando was that I would go the entire month without spending any money in any of the big theme parks. But if you just can’t go that long without a dose of Disney, there is a way to get your mouse ears without going to the parks. “Disney Springs”, formerly known as “Downtown Disney”, is a shopping district with the largest Disney souvenir shop in the world. And getting into Disney Springs is free.

Mostly, Disney Springs is a collection of restaurants, shops, and (at night) bars. For me, the attraction is the T Rex Cafe. Run by the same people who own the Rainforest Cafe and the Aquarium Restaurant, the T Rex Cafe is done in a dinosaur theme, with animatronics and a “meteor strike” every half hour. Like everything else in Orlando it is overpriced, but they always have great t-shirts, and the Ice Age Room is a cool place (pardon my pun) to get lunch.

There was lots of construction going on—the entire area is being expanded.

So here are some photos from an afternoon at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs

Cirque du Soleil has a show every night

Planet Hollywood

T Rex Cafe

A new shop specializing in superhero stuff. Disney now owns Marvel Comics.

And a new shop specializing in Star Wars stuff. Disney now owns Lucasfilm.

The hot air balloon ride is, alas, often closed down by the windy weather.

The Lego Store. The inspiration for LegoLand.

The humungous Disney gift shop

Disney characters roam around for the kids

Little kids and water—irresistable to each other.

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