El Paso Zoo

Okay, everyone knows that I like visiting zoos. 🙂 Some photos from the El Paso Zoo in Texas.  It’s not very big, but it has a nice collection, and most of it is in nice open outdoor pens.

Greetings From El Paso TX

Or, as one of the locals on the bus told me, it’s also called “El Chuco Town”.  I’m in El Paso for a few weeks, then working my way up north where it’s cooler. (It’s already starting to get pretty warm here). Some photos from an afternoon walking around El Paso.

Moundville Archaeological Park, AL

This archaeological park preserves one of the largest and most-intact Mississipian Period mound villages in North America. The Mississippian Period in the southeastern US marks a time of change. The earlier Adena cultures had built conical burial mounds, but with the rise of the Mississippian culture mound-building reached its peak. Settlements began to take the … More Moundville Archaeological Park, AL