Red Reef Park

I’m always up for a walk on the beach.  🙂 Some photos. ​The park ​Sun, wave and sand ​The water was kinda chilly, so there weren’t many people in it ​Nice colors on this shell ​This gull (juvie Ringbill, I think) was following me around ​Portuguese Man o War float. Keep your fingers away …. … More Red Reef Park

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is run by Florida Atlantic University, located in town. It’s part nature preserve, part marine animal rescue center, part oceanic research lab, and part classroom. It’s mostly run by marine biology students from FAU. Some photos from a visit. ​The Nature Center ​One of the reef tanks ​Tarpon ​Porkfish ​Feeding time ​Clinic … More Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Manatee Lagoon

This is a spot where the local Florida Power and Light company ejects the warm waste water from its plant, attracting Manatees that come here for the winter. There’s also a small aquarium. It hasn’t been very cold for a wild, so I was afraid there would be no Manatees here, but a few dropped … More Manatee Lagoon

Dreher Park Again

Well, I went back to the Zoo today to sign up for the “Animal Adventure” thingie where the keepers take you behind the scenes to visit one of the animals (like the Rhinoceros Encounter thingie I did back in Orlando). Alas, they only take a limited number of people per day, and all of them were … More Dreher Park Again