Walsingham Park

Another part of Pinellas County FL’s very nice public parks system. Walsingham Park is quite large, with about 6 miles of paved walking/biking path that encircles Walsingham Reservoir. I’ve actually not been here very often because it’s right across the street from the county Botanical Gardens (another very nice place), and I usually end up spending … More Walsingham Park

Abercrombie Park

This is another one of the very nice parks in Pinellas County FL. Abercrombie Park is on the site of several Native American “midden mounds” dating to both the Weeden Island Culture period  (140 to 565 CE) and the Safety Harbor Culture period (890 to 1390 CE). The mound remains are legally protected. The park … More Abercrombie Park

Some British Idioms

A brief history of some British idioms. So a friend of mine in London emailed me a little while ago and, while referring to a particular British politician and the Brexit mess, declared, “He’s pants”. It made me laugh out loud, because the very first time I had heard that expression was with that same friend many … More Some British Idioms