Quiet Waters Park

I was here last weekend for the Ren Faire, but came back today just to walk around the park.

Some photos.


The park

There are several lakes here, with a walking path around each.

Water Park for the kids—only open in summer

A water-skiing place. There are no boats: they use a system of pulleys and wires to pull you around the track.

Weeeeh !

Gumbo Limbo Tree

I’ve been seeing an awful lot of Limpkins lately … Must be a bumper crop of snails this year.

Coots on the lake. I can’t tell if they are “old coots”.  🙂

Ringbill Duck

Lovely colors on this Morning Glory

Coral Beans

Iguana keeps an eye on me

Tri-Color Heron

Red Bellied Turtle, covered with glop

These little brown birdies all look the same to me …..  Sparrow? Warbler?

Zebra-Wing Butterfly


5 thoughts on “Quiet Waters Park

  1. Hey Lenny,I’m the journalist who posted here a few weeks ago. I send you in an email and I’d love to get in touch with you whenever you’re free. I can be reached at matt.wolfe [at] nyu [dot] edu. Much thanks!

    (great post, BTW)

  2. Another enjoyable little journey, from Our Lenny Flank. In this one I actually imagined how pleasant it would be to visit this place and even stroll around a wee lake or two. (In the Winter of course) I enjoy your pictures. They are good as they come in to be seen, in this window to the world. Thanks Lenny Flank

  3. I think the Tri-Color Heron photo would make a good jig saw puzzle….great gift for a masochist, LOL.

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