Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth is a little resort town on the Atlantic shore. It reminds me of Florida. Without the palm trees.  😉  Oh, and you can get lobster rolls here, which you can’t get in Florida. Yum. (I haven’t had a lobster roll since I was in Boston.)

Some photos from a day at the beach.

On the beach

Saltwater taffy. I don’t recall ever seeing taffy down south—it must be a northern thing.

The water seemed frightfully cold to my Florida toes, but some of the locals didn’t seem to mind it

Playing in the waves

Sand Crab shell on the beach

A little park with protected dunes

Some places haven’t opened for the summer yet

Building a castle

Hunting for buried treasure

Making a birdie friend with some Cheerios

And some more birdie friends

House Sparrow. Yeah, they’re common as dirt, but they are nice-looking birdies.

Osprey catches his lunch. Cropped photo shot at reeeeeaaaallllyyyyy long range.  😉


4 thoughts on “Rehoboth Beach

  1. Great shot of the beautiful little sparrow. I see tire tracks in the sand…camping allowed there?

  2. David: I recall seeing something somewhere about catfish in Europe learning to eat pigeons when they try to get a drink ….

    Apparently though these sharks are eating migratory birds that die on the way. Interesting.

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