Greetings From Delaware

Greetings from Delaware. One of the few states I haven’t been in yet. I’m here just for a few weeks on my way back to Pennsylvania for my niece’s wedding.

The Junction and Breakwater Trail is in a park within walking distance from my camping spot, so I spent the afternoon walking around.

Some photos.

Wild Strawberries. Yum.

The distinctive leaves of the Sassafras Tree

Laughing Gull takes a bath

Dragonfly watches

Cabbage Butterfly

Empty mantis egg case. I looked around but didn’t find any of the younglings.

Snails under a log

There were a couple of Turkey Vultures on the ground poking at something, but I couldn’t see what

Another one joins the buffet


Groundhog in a nearby field

I surprised the heck out of this poor Raccoon

Woo-hoo! My lucky snakey streak continues. This is an Eastern Worm Snake. Not especially rare, but not often seen because they spend nearly all their time underground. I happened to find this little fellow under a log.


3 thoughts on “Greetings From Delaware

  1. It’s not easy holding a squirmy snake with one hand and trying to shoot a photo with the other. 😉

    Especially since, being a burrowing snake, this little dude didn’t know to hang on with his tail so he wouldn’t fall, and I didn’t want to drop him.

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