Some Georgia Critters

Some birdies, turtles, gators, snakies and other critters encountered in Augusta GA over the past few days. A Flycatcher or Swift of some sort or another? Alligator suns himself Cottonmouth, aka Water Moccasin Green Anole dewlapping at me A lovely Damselfly This Grebe is lunching on Crayfish. It was still wiggling when it went down. … More Some Georgia Critters

Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

Constructed in 1845 near the Savannah River, the Augusta Canal turned the sleepy little village of Augusta into an economic and industrial powerhouse. Providing both efficient transportation and cheap hydro power, the Canal quickly attracted a series of mills and factories along its banks. During the Civil War, the Confederacy operated a huge explosives mill … More Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

A Hawk Gets Bullied

Well, I had planned to leave for Augusta GA yesterday, but the weather there said it was raining heavy, so I postponed my departure for a day, and spent another afternoon in Myrtle Beach. While sitting outside, I happened to see this hawk (I think it is a Red-Shouldered Hawk, but all hawks look alike … More A Hawk Gets Bullied

Dinosaurs! Exhibit

The Dinosaurs! Exhibit is a recently-opened attraction in the Boardwalk At The Beach destination in Myrtle Beach SC. It contains a number of animatronic dinos. It’s aimed at kids, but since I’m just a big kid, I had a good time too. Seriously, the thing I find interesting about all of the various animatronic dino displays I … More Dinosaurs! Exhibit

Pinball Museum

OK, so the Pinball Museum, located near the beach in Myrtle Beach SC, isn’t really a “museum” in the strict sense—it’s more like an arcade with vintage machines. You pay to get in, then can play as many games as you want for an hour. Back in my mis-spent youth, I was quite the pinball … More Pinball Museum