Resaca de la Palma State Park

This state park is apparently famous as a birding spot—there were lots of people here with binocs and long camera lenses.  😉

There are probably 7-8 miles of walking trails altogether. I spent most of the day here.

Some photos.

(I’m not “up” on my Texas birdies, so my IDs are tentative, and I am entirely open to being corrected on any or all of them.)

Visitors Center

One of the overlooks on the trail

Skipper, I think

I think this is a Kiskadee

I think this is a Green Jay. Lovely fellow with nice bright colors.

Some cool-looking fungus on a branch

Hawks all look alike to me, but I think this is a Red-Shouldered…?

Harvester Ants

I thought these were female Prairie Chickens, but all the photos of those I see have them with white-and-brown plumage, not solid-colored like these. Or is this a seasonal thing? 

I’m pretty sure this is a Harris Hawk

Woo hoo, a snake! This is an Indigo Snake—IIRC the ones in Texas are a different subspecies from the ones in Florida.

This was a big fella—a good 5-6 feet long and as thick as my wrist. Indigos are one of the longest species in North America.



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